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Joe – When I was Eighteen

Graduation. Need I say more?    It was a great senior year watching my sister Sharon, a junior, and five senior classmates win our first ever High School State Volleyball championship. This was hard to do back in the day, because… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Seventeen

I had just finished up my Junior year at high school. At this point in my life, I was acutely focused on getting out of he house and enjoying everything that college had to offer. At this point, I was… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Sixteen

My sophomore year in high school was full of game changers for me. First I started to grow. My kids have heard this story, but my freshman year I started at 5’1’’ and 100 pounds. I think I was 5’6’’… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Fifteen

I do remember the movie ET coming out in 1982, and I confirmed via Google that Michael Jackson’s Thriller album was first released. In 1982, I completed my freshman year in high school! Late during my freshman year, I finally… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Fourteen

Thanks to the Internet, I could conjure up a lot of memories of 1981 when I turned 14.   Raiders of the Lost Ark was a top movie, Ronald Reagan was elected President, Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married, and… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Twelve

The year I turned 12 was a challenging year for me.   We moved from where I was born in Greensburg, IN to where Grandma and Grandpa live today in Frankfort, IN.     I remember I was initially not very happy about… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Ten

I don’t have a lot of distinct memories from being ten, I think that is mainly because it was our last year in Greensburg, Indiana as my Dad took a new job in Frankfort, Indiana where they still live today… Continue Reading →

Joe – Courage 2009

April 2001 at times seems like yesterday to me, and is a point in time that I reflect on often.   Early that month, Aunt Lee (mom for Grant, Carter, and Kendall) was diagnosed with cancer, and began a battle to… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Nine

When I was nine years old, I really was not a big fan of school.  Only one time in my whole life did I receive a grade lower than a “C” in any class, and you guessed it, fourth grade… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Eight

When I was eight years old, I liked school, but it was very hard – I think teachers make third grade really hard on purpose.  Since I went to a Catholic elementary school, each morning began with a mass at… Continue Reading →

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