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Lee – Courage 2016

OK, I keep waiting for the year when Papa will ask us to write about PROCRASTINATION, as I’m sure I could write a lengthy piece on that subject!!!  BUT, I suppose that procrastination is not always a desirable character trait,… Continue Reading →

Lee – Thriftiness 2013

Well, I could probably write a book on thriftiness and the ways that I can look for a bargain – it is almost a form of entertainment…or you could call it a hobby, maybe.  The first time I realized that… Continue Reading →

Lee – Courage 2009

When I think about what courage means, I think of many famous people in history who have overcome odds, fought against adversity, and/or stood up for what they believed in at all costs…there are many examples of these individuals.  The… Continue Reading →

Lee – When I was Ten

When I was ten years old, I was in the fifth grade at Mt Olive Elementary School.  I don’t have too many distinct memories of that year, but there are a couple of things that come to mind.  I have… Continue Reading →

Joe – Courage 2009

April 2001 at times seems like yesterday to me, and is a point in time that I reflect on often.   Early that month, Aunt Lee (mom for Grant, Carter, and Kendall) was diagnosed with cancer, and began a battle to… Continue Reading →

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