When I was seven years old, we still lived in Indiana in West Lafayette, because Papa was still going to graduate school (college) at Purdue University.  I was in second grade, and I remember feeling very important because second graders were on the second floor of my school.  I don’t remember my teachers name, but I do recall that she was very nice.  The thing I most remember about school is that my class had a reading contest.  Every time you read a book, you got to put a special piece of paper on the wall that listed the name of the book and the author.  The student who read the most books in a certain period of time got to go to McDonalds with our teacher for lunch.  Guess what?  I won!  I don’t remember how many books I read, but it was a lot!

The other thing I remember about being seven is that I got my glasses.  I think my teacher told Mimi that I had trouble seeing the board in class, and sure enough, those glasses made everything better!  I wear contacts now, but I still remember walking into school the first day and thinking that everything seemed a lot clearer!  I also made a picture in second grade that Mimi has framed and put in the upstairs bedroom – see if you can find it!!