When I was 12 years old I was in sixth grade – finally in middle school!  We were still living in Mimi and Papa’s “old” house on Jonathan Way.  I’m not sure that I have any specific memories of being twelve in particular, but I really thought I was grown up because I took the bus to the middle school instead of getting off at the elementary school.  The middle school was so big compared to my little elementary school, in fact it was so big that my main classroom was in a trailer for sixth grade.  For the first time we changed classes for different subjects, which I thought was pretty cool!  I really loved school and learning and I enjoyed all of my teachers and subjects, but I remember liking English most of all – we did lots of book reports.  I could usually be found with my nose in a book somewhere around the house.  I remember the most surprising thing that happened that year was that at the end of the year we had a school awards ceremony.  In my school they gave awards for each subject (math, English, science, etc.)  Since I loved English, I thought that I may be awarded the best English student, but they called someone else’s name.  But I was surprised when they called out the Best All Around student and my name was called out!  I was so shocked – I never thought that I was that great of a student – I just loved to learn!  I don’t think I earned any awards in any years after that, but I was very proud of myself that sixth grade year.