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Joe – When I was Eighteen

Graduation. Need I say more?    It was a great senior year watching my sister Sharon, a junior, and five senior classmates win our first ever High School State Volleyball championship. This was hard to do back in the day, because… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Seventeen

I had just finished up my Junior year at high school. At this point in my life, I was acutely focused on getting out of he house and enjoying everything that college had to offer. At this point, I was… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Sixteen

My sophomore year in high school was full of game changers for me. First I started to grow. My kids have heard this story, but my freshman year I started at 5’1’’ and 100 pounds. I think I was 5’6’’… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Fifteen

I do remember the movie ET coming out in 1982, and I confirmed via Google that Michael Jackson’s Thriller album was first released. In 1982, I completed my freshman year in high school! Late during my freshman year, I finally… Continue Reading →

Lee – Courage 2016

OK, I keep waiting for the year when Papa will ask us to write about PROCRASTINATION, as I’m sure I could write a lengthy piece on that subject!!!  BUT, I suppose that procrastination is not always a desirable character trait,… Continue Reading →

Lee – Follow 2014

This assignment from Papa is one of the most difficult ones in recent years and I’m not sure why I am having such a hard time with a story.  Maybe because it is a little bit vague.  When I think… Continue Reading →

Lee – Thriftiness 2013

Well, I could probably write a book on thriftiness and the ways that I can look for a bargain – it is almost a form of entertainment…or you could call it a hobby, maybe.  The first time I realized that… Continue Reading →

Lee – When I was Seventeen

When I was a senior in high school…. It’s funny that when you get older, your memories start to run together.  Hopefully when you all get to be my age, you will have better retention than I do! When I… Continue Reading →

Lee – When I was Twelve

When I was 12 years old I was in sixth grade – finally in middle school!  We were still living in Mimi and Papa’s “old” house on Jonathan Way.  I’m not sure that I have any specific memories of being… Continue Reading →

Lee – Courage 2009

When I think about what courage means, I think of many famous people in history who have overcome odds, fought against adversity, and/or stood up for what they believed in at all costs…there are many examples of these individuals.  The… Continue Reading →

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