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Joe – When I was Fourteen

Thanks to the Internet, I could conjure up a lot of memories of 1981 when I turned 14.   Raiders of the Lost Ark was a top movie, Ronald Reagan was elected President, Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married, and… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Twelve

The year I turned 12 was a challenging year for me.   We moved from where I was born in Greensburg, IN to where Grandma and Grandpa live today in Frankfort, IN.     I remember I was initially not very happy about… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Ten

I don’t have a lot of distinct memories from being ten, I think that is mainly because it was our last year in Greensburg, Indiana as my Dad took a new job in Frankfort, Indiana where they still live today… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Nine

When I was nine years old, I really was not a big fan of school.  Only one time in my whole life did I receive a grade lower than a “C” in any class, and you guessed it, fourth grade… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Eight

When I was eight years old, I liked school, but it was very hard – I think teachers make third grade really hard on purpose.  Since I went to a Catholic elementary school, each morning began with a mass at… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Seven

When I was seven years old, we moved into downtown Greensburg, Indiana.  We lived in a three story blue house that had a basement, and I had a bedroom of my own on the second floor of the house.  I… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Six

When I was six years old, my family and I lived in Greensburg, Indiana.  I believe that summer, my sisters and I spent almost every waking moment outside playing – a sign of things to come.   We also tried to… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Five (2003 Story)

When I was five years old we still lived in a small sub division just outside of Greensburg, Indiana.   A very important event happened that year – my brother Jim was born – we now had four kids in our… Continue Reading →

Joe – When I was Four (2002 Story)

When I was four years old we lived in the Hillcrest subdivision about two miles from the very, very, very big city of Greensburg, Indiana.  Only 15,000 people live in Greensburg to this day, but I used to think Greensburg… Continue Reading →

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