When I was four years old we lived in the Hillcrest subdivision about two miles from the very, very, very big city of Greensburg, Indiana.  Only 15,000 people live in Greensburg to this day, but I used to think Greensburg was the capital of the world when I was four.

I do not remember a lot about being four, but I do know we did a lot of very fun things during the summer.  My sisters Susan, Sharon and I spent a week at Grandpa and Grandma Oesterling’s farm.  Kind of like cousins camp, but no cousins :=(  I would go with Grandpa to the barn to feed the cows and sometimes I would get to sit on the tractor and pretend to drive.  The best part was when Grandpa would take me to the very small town of Milroy to get a Coca Cola in a green bottle.  The other fun thing we did that summer was visit state parks in Indiana each Saturday morning.  My Dad would drive the car a couple of hours to one of the many parks nearby, we would swim in the lake and after that we would eat a picnic lunch.  In the afternoon we would either hike on the trails or Dad would take us fishing.  When it started to get dark, we would drive home so we could go to church on Sunday morning.