When I was four years old, our family lived in HAWAII!  My dad (Papa) was in the navy and we moved frequently.  There are only a few things I remember from living in Hawaii.  First of all, I remember when David (Uncle David) was born.  Grandma Jessie came to stay with us, and one day Mom (Mimi) came home with a tiny little baby!  I remember thinking that he looked just like one of my baby dolls!

I also remember one tragic event.  Allen and I were playing in the sprinkler in the back yard.  We had a patio that was wet from the sprinkler, and Mom had told us NOT to run on the patio.  Well, Allen was chasing me with the hose and spraying me with water, so of course I was running, stepped on the patio and slipped.  I went flying and landed on my head where I got a cut and had to go to the hospital for my first stitches.  As I recall there were only a couple of stitches, but they really hurt!  So, remember this story whenever you hear someone tells you to not run by the pool!!

The last thing I remember from when I was four was that I got to go to preschool for the first time.  I was so happy to be going to school like my big brother!  What I remember most about preschool is that the buildings that they were in were army barracks.  We lived on (or near) the naval base where Dad was stationed, and we went to school there, too.  Get Papa to draw you a picture of what an army barracks looks like – half of a tin can on its side!