When I was five years old, we lived in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Papa was going to school at Purdue University, and we lived in a rented house where our playroom and bedrooms were in the attic!  One time Papa had to catch a real live BAT that was flying around up there!!

I remember when I was five that I wanted to do everything that my big brother

Allen did, so I was so excited that I got to go to Kindergarten at the same school as he was going to!  I was a little nervous about going to Kindergarten, because I had not been going to preschool anywhere, so any type of school was new to me.  I had already been learning many things from my big brother, so I knew my alphabet and numbers, and even knew how to read some easy books!  My teacher’s name was Mrs. Shaw, and all I remember is that she seemed very old and that she had red hair!  I loved going to school and I made lots of new friends in my class.

What else do I remember about being five?  I remember going to church and having to sit still and quiet in the adult service, because they didn’t have any kids services at our little church.  This was hard for me to do, especially when I was sitting next to one of my brothers or sister!  I also remember playing with my brothers and sister, and taking long drives down to Georgia to see Grandma Jessie and Grandma and Grandpa Henderson.  We had a station wagon (not a big Suburban), and we didn’t get to watch movies in the car the way you can do now.  Two of us laid down in the back, and the other two were in the middle seat.  It was a really long drive, but I bet it seemed even longer for Mimi and Papa!!